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Linux post exploitation framework designed to assist red teams in persistence, reconnaissance, privilege escalation and leaving no trace.

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Top 30 Python Courses and Certifications Available Online

Python is one of the most popular programming languages in our modern time. With a deep observation, you will find out that the number of Python developers exceeds the number of other developers by a difference of millions. Due to its rapid growth, many online platforms are offering both free and paid Python online courses. If you are lately thinking of learning python or someone who wants to extend your python skillset, you are just in luck.

Best Python Courses & Certifications

Many popular communities, including Google, Instagram, and others, are using Python. Learning python is not a hobby at all. In our list, we have come up with a list of Best 30 Python Courses from Udemy, Coursera, edX, and some other reputed platforms.

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Cloudtopolis is a tool that facilitates the installation and provisioning of Hashtopolis on the Google Cloud Shell platform, quickly and completely unattended (and also, free!). Together with Google Collaboratory, it allows us to break hashes without the need for dedicated hardware from any browser.

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Azure File Sync has became a mega hit among all the recent infrastructure solutions provided by MS Azure, many enterprise are already moving their File Servers to Azure File Share and DFSR is widely replaced by Azure File Sync.

But there are another side of it, you may face multiple errors while you move your file servers to Azure.

In todays post I will show you how you can resolve the issues related to Azure File Sync. There can be many issues related to Azure File Sync but one of the most common issue is health related errors for the server end points.

As you can see in the below picture there is a health issue reported in one of the server end point in the Azure File Sync deployment (storage service sync) in Australia Sydney location.

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OnionSearch is a script that scrapes urls on different .onion search engines.

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Summary: in this tutorial, you will learn about the PostgreSQL REVOKE statement to remove privileges from a role.

Introduction to the PostgreSQL REVOKE statement
The REVOKE statement revokes previously granted privileges on database objects from a role.

The following shows the syntax of the REVOKE statement that revokes privileges on one or more tables from a role:

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Top 30 JavaScript Frameworks and Libraries

Although there are over 200+ programming languages to help developers all over the world, millions of developers are taken away by the benefits of JavaScript. JavaScript has been a popular programming language for the web over the past two decades now. Developers are widely influenced by the high-level compatibility this language has to offer. Moreover, it comes with a large number of frameworks and libraries that are extremely useful. And each month, dozens of javascript frameworks and libraries are regularly being created.

Popular JavaScript Frameworks

A JavaScript framework is a JavaScript-based application framework. Here, developers can influence different functionalities of the application just the way they want it. In this article, we are bringing up a list of Top 30 JavaScript frameworks and libraries.

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Monitor the internet attack surface of various public cloud environments. Currently supports AWS, GCP, Azure, DigitalOcean and Oracle Cloud.

Currently supports AWS, GCP, Azure, DigitalOcean and Oracle Cloud.

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How did you feel when you created your first login form on a web page after so many trials and tested templates (don’t say that you created everything from scratch? How did you feel when you give the layout to your first web application after multiple changes (Yes you took the reference of some other websites or template as per requirement? How did you feel when you successfully handled thousands of users’ sensitive information at the backend to build an application (It was scary)?

Most of the web developers go through all the above phases and initially it might be frustrating for some of them, but the overall feeling is really exciting and amazing when they see their website is live and people are using it all over the world. A web developer is responsible for so many tasks from gathering requirements to designing a website, handling its backend part, and also making it live successfully for users.
Every year new technology and tools are coming out in industries to boost developers’ productivity and to make the website better for users. It becomes challenging for them to stay on top of the web development game. Today we are going to discuss a complete map to become a web developer in 2021. This will be a practical guideline for all kinds of developers (front-end, backend, and full-stack). 

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Tool social engineering [Access Webcam & Microphone & Os Password Grabber & Location Finder] With Ngrok

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