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You didn’t think I’d go and leave the blue team out, right?

A collection of one-liners, small scripts, and some useful tips for blue team work.

I’ve included screenshots where possible so you know what you’re getting.

Read More : - Service Socks5 Cheap - Check Socks5

This really useful site that checks if SOCKS5 are LIVE or DIE


Another extremely useful thing is that it parses out SOCKS5 and ports if you copy paste a number of SOCKS5.
You can check unlimited SOCKS5 a day but check Limit 100 SOCKS5 at a time.
Paste SOCKS5 into the box and click Check Socks5


Here is the image check SOCKS5


Email: [email protected]
Skype: Shopsocks5 - ICQ: 727362912


ZipExec is a Proof-of-Concept (POC) tool to wrap binary-based tools into a password-protected zip file. This zip file is then base64 encoded into a string that is rebuilt on disk. This encoded string is then loaded into a JScript file that when executed, would rebuild the password-protected zip file on disk and execute it. This is done programmatically by using COM objects to access the GUI-based functions in Windows via the generated JScript loader, executing the loader inside the password-protected zip without having to unzip it first. By password protecting the zip file, it protects the binary from EDRs and disk-based or anti-malware scanning mechanisms.

Read More :

A curated list of awesome machine learning frameworks, libraries and software

Read More :

Frequently Asked SQL Interview Questions & Answers

SQL Server
What is a database?
A database is described as an organized way of collection of DATA. It is the collection of schemes, tables, queries, reports, views and other objects.

Syntax: CREATEDATABASEDatabaseName


or you can Create Database through Design/ Wizard form by right clicking on DATABASE option-New Database.

Read More :

karma V2 is a Passive Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) Automated Reconnaissance (framework)

karma V2 can be used by Infosec Researchers, Penetration Testers, Bug Hunters to find deep information, more assets, WAF/CDN bypassed IPs, Internal/External Infra, Publicly exposed leaks and many more about their target. Shodan Premium API key is required to use this automation. Output from the ????? ?? is displayed to the screen and saved to files/directories.

Read More :

Real Intelligence Threat Analytics (RITA) is a framework for detecting command and control communication through network traffic analysis.

If you get value out of RITA and would like to go a step further with hunting automation, futuristic visualizations, and data encrichment take a look at AC-Hunter

Read More :

Kubernetes Security Checklist and Requirements – All in One (authentication, authorization, logging, secrets, configuration, network, workloads, dockerfile)

Kubernetes Security Checklist and Requirements
There are many ways to make your cluster secure, but we have chosen only one, the most difficult and controversial in some places. We do not guarantee that it will be completely suitable for your infrastructure, but we hope this checklist can help you include those things that you may have forgotten and left out.

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OSINT Tools for the Dark Web

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Node.js Interview Questions

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