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this is a pmkid?
Hello how are you? I hope you are well.

once again i need your help for this pmkid and hcxpcaptool command doesn't work for me

so this is what the hcxdumptool captured

17:06:28  11 c02250d279e8 506f0ccf762e Fibertel WiFi182 2.4GHz [PMKIDROGUE:98fadd824e9af89c9c8a80d1481e7ba5 KDV:2]

17:06:31  11 d03745d34988 7ce4aa8fc532 Fibertel WiFi182 2.4GHz [EAPOL:M1M2ROGUE EAPOLTIME:7125 RC:62150 KDV:2]

thanks for your time Heart
I got this capture, but I only need the one from the ssid fibertel 182

its a pcap file


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