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sqlancer-Detecting Logic Bugs in DBMS
SQLancer (Synthesized Query Lancer) is a tool to automatically test Database Management Systems (DBMS) in order to find logic bugs in their implementation. We refer to logic bugs as those bugs that cause the DBMS to fetch an incorrect result set (e.g., by omitting a record).

SQLancer operates in the following two phases:

Database generation: The goal of this phase is to create a populated database, and stress the DBMS to increase the probability of causing an inconsistent database state that could be detected subsequently. First, random tables are created. Then, randomly SQL statements are chosen to generate, modify, and delete data. Also other statements, such as those to create indexes as well as views and to set DBMS-specific options are sent to the DBMS.

Testing: The goal of this phase is to detect the logic bugs based on the generated database. See Testing Approaches below.

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