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Tips and tricks for password recovery.

hashcat mode: mode 20
Algo: (md5_salt_pass)

Automate password cracking attempts

"You should use ByePass with the latest build of John the Ripper. You may use ByePass with the default version of JTR, but many formats and rules will not work. The default version of JTR does not include these features."


Just need to remove 0x

hashcat mode: 100
algo: SHA1

SHA1 a1037f14cebc6bd318916f54cbe00d3ea2a197c1:batman1


decode base64 to hex
hashcat mode: 100

ArmorGames salt

Everyone always wants new things. Everybody likes new inventions, new technology. People will never be replaced by machines. In the end, life and business are about human connections. And computers are about trying to murder you in a lake.
hashcat top rules 2020 (5k)
Link valid only for 72 hours.
Analyze and create rules for big hashlist.
In some cases it would be useful.

hashcat -m 0 big_hash_list wordlist -g 500000 --debug-mode=1 --debug-file=new.rule
Generate MD5 hashes with mdxfind, iteration with 10

echo -n 'Password' | ./mdxfind -h '^md5$' -h '!salt,!user' -z -f /dev/null -i 10 stdin 2>&1
Debug output - output all hashes, explore long hash chains

Iterations set to 10

Working on hash types: MD5

Took 0.00 seconds to read hashes

Searching through 0 unique hashes from /dev/null

Maximum hash chain depth is 0

Minimum hash length is 512 characters

Using 4 cores

MD5x01 dc647eb65e6711e155375218212b3964:Password

MD5x02 b8498ee29e56e711a268ae8cc461ae94:Password

MD5x03 d95a7c1d16d52134dafc6d1c1f9f2695:Password

MD5x04 e5e79fac774f77000a0e5c1e6404ac1b:Password

MD5x05 fe9ca65247fdfa34ae6127b9cd975017:Password

MD5x06 27024bb6ed2c5e35bb2d74fde9c27d33:Password

MD5x07 7bd582adab8f80fb1519dca257c48c25:Password

MD5x08 ddb38f338cad584aa03cccc3fff5aa27:Password

MD5x09 856a78ac57a0e6f5165d8f31d1deac19:Password

MD5x10 86b41cafc64ccec288190b1f3c97cce2:Password

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