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TELEGRAM PRIME - The most powerful combine for earning money in Telegram [FREE TEST]
Telegram Prime Combine - autoregue, receipt, spam, invite, answering machine

[BEST] Telegram Bulk PM: Autoreg, Inviter, Spammer, Bulk PM, Bulk Invites etc.


For entrepreneurs: The program allows you to gather an audience from Telegram for almost any business area and invite them to your group. Convey your offer by text, link, picture and even audio messages!

For those who want to have passive earnings: the ability to register accounts (absolutely legally, on SMS activation services, automatic mode) and launch accounts to work on traffic enhancement services (for example, "vto-pe"). With the help of 1000 accounts, it turns out to earn 5-20 dollars a day.

We are: 2800+ sales of our software, 143.635.154 group invites, 350+ reviews, 794.410 telegram accounts registered in software over the past month, 73.744.615 messages sent out by software, 12.380.158 accounts registered for all time by software users.

Now about the program itself:

- The account registrar allows you to register accounts completely automatically, with the branding of avatars and name. You can put your logo on the avatar, and the company name - in the account name, in the account description - specify a link to your website. This can be used to simulate communication between chat accounts (everyone will recognize your company) or to address messages to the target audience.
- The chat parser will allow you to gather the most interested audience of your competitors or related interests. You just need to think about where your clients usually communicate and parse the chats. And you can also collect all the users who wrote in the chat
- The parser of the authors of comments from the channels makes it possible to gather an active audience, responsive to your offer and as loyal as possible;
- The phone number checker will help to check whether there is a Telegram user in the database of numbers, in order to work with them later, collects users even without usernames
- As an inviter, you will be able to invite thousands of users from your database to chats. It works both by usernames and by phone numbers
- The newsletter will allow you to convey any offer to thousands of users. Send directly, to groups or comments on channels
- Channel and chat clone: create a clone of any channel and chat in real time with simulated communication and replacing links/media with your own
- The reporter will give you the opportunity to send complaints. For example, if someone impersonates your company, you can remove the offenders
- The message interceptor allows you to collect messages on a key request from chats and private messages in real time and forward them to the operator for processing.

And also:

- Chat with the support service directly in the software - on the main page!
- A team of 20 people - marketers, developers and support services.
- We make suggestions from users to the functionality of the program. If suddenly 150+ functions are not enough for you - ideas can be implemented!
- It works on the last Layer, which means it has functionality inaccessible to competitors.

Free full-featured demo for 24 hours (all main modules)!!!
All kinds of payment methods.


Cost of licenses:

Perpetual license - 250$
License for a month - 125$ (during the month you can pay up to the full version)
Test for a day - for free!





Now the CHAT of software users is available to everyone? For those present, this means more new contacts and increased earnings!???

To get into it, you need to register on the site and join the community. The chat will appear on the Messages tab immediately after joining ➡️

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