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Paid Password Recovery Rules
Read our main forum "General Rules" first.

No paid section leaches!

These rules are intended to help protect both the client and the cracker.


To ensure fair and open competition ALL correspondence, except payment details (optional via admin / mod) must be on the thread.


Rule #1 You can say you only want "Trusted" members to reply, if so, you must state this very clearly in your first post.
Rule #2 Price per hash. This is intended to stop bulk cracking only requests. If a cracker finds only one of a given amount of hashes, then you pay for the one they find. If you do not provide an individual price, then the found hash will be a percentage of the total. You cannot insist on all hashes being cracked before payment.
Rule #3 Method of payment. The client must state all methods of payments available when first posting. No Liberty Reserve.
Rule #4 Post the type of hash, any information you believe may help crack it and make clear any details of time deadlines.
Rule #5 Warn our members if you have or intend to post the hashes on other forums.
Rule #6 Administrator/moderator confirmation needed in every cases.
Rule #7 Do not pay a cracker until he has posted the cracked hash on your thread. The first cracker to post the hash on the thread is the one you pay.
Rule #8 You must post on the thread if the hash is found by any other method. If a member here posts to say they have found your password before you post to say it has been recovered, you have a moral obligation to honor your debt to our member.
Rule #9 Maintain your thread, mark all found hashes as FOUND as soon as they have been accepted, confirmed or paid for.
Rule #10 Payment must be made within 24 hours of found notification or if Admin confirmation was requested, then after confirmation. If you will be off-line for longer than 24 hours ask an Admin to close the thread for you.


Rule #1 Do NOT post found passwords on the paid forum unless you have been paid first.
Rule #2 Do not start cracking unless the client posts they agree to these rules. You will not receive support if you do so.
Rule #3 Assess the clients reputation before starting work.
Rule #4 The cracker must be able to accept the payment method posted by the client, before posting they have found the password.
Rule #5 If you post a found hash and then cannot accept the payment method agreed, the deal will be opened up to the forum again, if the client wishes.
Rule #6 When you crack the hash, post on the thread immediately stating that you have found it. You will not be paid until you have done so.
Rule #7 In case of rewards below of $1000 require the approval (verification for found hash(es)) of an admin or a moderator.
Rule #8 In case of rewards of $1000+ require the approval (verification for found hash(es)) of at least 2 moderators or administrators.

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