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IotShark IoT Traffic Monitoring And Analyzing Tool
IoTShark aims to provide a [nearly] fully automated solution for a user to monitor their IOT devices by simply running a single script. The user merely has to select which device they wish to monitor, and this program takes care of the rest of the heavy work by starting the ARP poisoning, setting up the packet forwarding and the man in the middle packet sniffer. It also has an easy to understand and interactive web UI where a user can filter the packets based on the ports, types, and timestamps to get a broader understanding of how much and when things are being transmitted.

We also aim to classify certain kinds of data such as heartbeat messages, data transfers, and anomalies, though the last one will likely be demonstrated on the un-encrypted RPi test since it is difficult to do anomaly detection without huge amounts of data (and we would require many devices and individuals to gather that much data).

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