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Industrializing Financial Services with DevOps
In recent years, large financial services institutions have been embracing the concept of DevOps at the core of their digital transformation strategies.

This book is inspired by real enterprise DevOps adoptions in the financial services industry and
provides a comprehensive and proven practical guide on how large corporate organizations can evolve their DevOps operating model. The three main themes underpinning the book’s approach are the ones of 360°, at relevance, and speeds. Starting with how a bank’s corporate and technology strategy links to its enterprise DevOps evolution, we provide a rich array of proven practices for designing and creating a harmonious 360° DevOps operating model that should be enabled and adopted at relevance in a multi-speed context.

The book is packed with real case studies and examples from the financial services industry, as we have learned lessons and used tools that the reader can adopt in their organization and context.

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