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General Rules (A must-read for new members!)
Rule #1 The official language of the forum is English.
Rule #2 is NOT a hacking site, please ask your questions / answers accordingly.
Rule #3 The registered username/nickname must be unique. (admin_, moderator1, etc. are not allowed)
Rule #4 Do not use hateful, racist or exclusionary nicknames!
Rule #5 Be polite to all users and use appropriate language.
Rule #6 Do not discuss anything relating to illegal activities. This especially means no discussion or coordination of email:pass, account:pass, or anything else that targets specific users or connects users to specific hashes or passwords.
Rule  #7 Do not post any PII (Personally Identifiable Information).
Rule #8 Do not request for any PII or dumped information to be sent via DM.
Rule #9 Post your hashes in the right forum section. Any unrelated posts will be removed instantly.
Rule #10 Try to provide the algorithm & hash-type too, if you don't know, let us know the source of the hashes. This will boost the chance of the recovery.
Rule #11 No double posting or unnecessary thread bumping. Any double posting will lead to removing BOTH of your posts.
Rule #12 If you have 25 or less post them in the "25 hashes or less cracking request thread."
Rule #13 Do NOT post more than 25 hashes in a post, save them to a text file and attach it.
Rule #14 Do NOT post hashes of E-mails, Facebook accounts... etc. They are FAKE. (Not actual passwords)
Rule #15 Do NOT ask us to hack other peoples email accounts, we do NOT do this. (Or any other hacking / illegal activities)
Rule #16 Do NOT hijack others' threads (Hijacking = Requesting in other members' threads). You will get your post removed.
Rule #17 Be specific when naming your thread. No "please help!", "can you please"... etc.
Rule #18 DO NOT advertise or suggest payment for any section other than the PAID section on forums.
Rule #19 DO NOT advertise or suggestion for payments via MP to members of the forums.
Rule #20 Multiple accounts are forbidden. This will result in an immediate ban of all accounts associated.
Rule #21 Crackers, when posting in the 25+ hashes password recovery sections. You must put a count of founds & lefts and add both files.
Rule #22 Advertisement of a website for the purpose of profit is subject to the prior permission of the site administration (neo). Violation will result in an immediate ban.
Rule #23 Any use of browser plugins / automation tools to refresh pages anywhere on with HashKiller forum is strictly forbidden.( ie. Trying to get ahead of the competition for Paid Work) . A zero tolerance approach is used which results in an instant ban.

Switched-off brains are not welcome here.

Repeated violations to the rules might make you a victim of something called (BANNiNG!).

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