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Frequently Asked Hadoop Interview Questions and Answers
Top 50 Frequently Asked Hadoop Interview Questions and Answers

Storing and processing big data has remained the biggest challenge until today since the beginning of its journey. It is important to be able to compute datasets to generate solutions for businesses. But sometimes, it becomes really challenging to produce accurate results due to the outliers, scarcity of sources, Volume, and inconsistency. But there is no value of big data if you can not use it or extract meaningful information. The below mentioned Hadoop Interview Questions would help you to get a solid foundation and face interviews as well.

Hadoop is a great solution or can be seen as a data warehouse that can store and process big data efficiently. It helps to bring out insights and knowledge easily. Besides, data modeling, data analytics, data scalability, and data computations capabilities have made Hadoop so popular among companies and individuals. So it is important to go through these Hadoop Interview Questions if you want to establish your career around cloud computing.

Hadoop is developed by Apache Software Foundation. It started the journey on April 1, 2006, and licensed under Apache License 2.0. It is a framework that allows people to work with massive amounts of data. Besides, it uses the MapReduce algorithm and ensures high availability, which is the most exclusive feature any business can offer. You should make sure that you understand all the basic concepts of cloud computing. Otherwise, you will face trouble while going through the following Hadoop interview questions.

Hadoop Interview Questions and Answers

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